100 Pieces Later…

100 Pieces Later…

To our most loyal and lovely readers,

Hello, how are you? Good? Us too.

Why are we good? Well, it’s because this is our 100th published piece on End of the Bench. 

Instead of our usual daily piece, we thought it would be worth reflecting on the past few months, and the 99 pieces that came before this one. 

On top of that, we wanted to take a minute to thank you all for your support of our small little publication, share some behind-the-scenes stuff and talk about where we are headed in the future!

When we started End of the Bench, it was just an idea our chief creative guy pitched our little team casually in the midst of the craziness of 2020. We were worn, torn, and battered writers after a pandemic year where creativity just seemed to...vanish.

Some of us hadn’t written satire or comedy in a long time. Funny things became not so funny.

Born out of that feeling came the idea to start something really...silly.

A month and some business filings later, at 8 pounds 2 oz., End of the Bench first came into this world as a cute little satirical sports newsletter on Substack! 

When we quickly realized that we wanted to do more and expand beyond just satire, we pivoted to a full-blown website that allowed us to continue to write new funny things about sports every day and sell some cool merch as a means to help pay our contributors in the future and just keep the lights on.

The bottom line - we wanted to create something that made people laugh about the ridiculousness in the world of sports and not be assholes about it.

Are we accomplishing that mission? Time will tell, but we have learned a lot of lessons along our short journey thus far and can’t wait to see where the next 100 pieces take us.

So, with that said, where is EOTB headed? Well, the short answer is nowhere. 

We’re going to keep publishing every, so please keep coming back and reading! 

That said, there are some things we would like to do over the next year to expand. We may be Benchwarmers by nature, but that hasn’t stopped us from having some goals.

We want to expand and hear from more writers!
Our favorite part of doing this every day is reading new perspectives and seeing people find their comedy voice. Our only goal at EOTB (outside of making people laugh) is giving people a platform to grow and achieve their own goals. It gives us all the feels.

On top of that, we want to be able to PAY these fine folks for their work! We hope to do so in 2022 with a continuing upward trend in traffic and merchandise sales.

We also want to incentivize people beyond money (lol) to submit their work, including creating an online writer’s room, offering sneak peeks about things we are working on, and discount codes on new merchandise. 

We want to use comedy for a cause. 

We’re looking to highlight and partner with organizations that are making an impact in their own communities, especially in the world of sports.

We want to help NCAA athletes who aren’t signed by Coca-Cola. 

The NCAA has many sports with student-athletes who aren’t making a mint off NIL, particularly the Bench players. We believe that those folks who don’t see the field often but still have to attend games, practices, and study halls should have an opportunity to profit as well. 

We want to expand our audio and video capabilities. 

We’ve dipped our toes into the world of audio comedy with our Friday playlists, but we are just getting started. Podcasts, sketch shows, and video content are just some of the things we are exploring for the future.

We are working in the background to make a lot of this happen, but our ears are always open. If you’ve got an idea, as long as it’s funny and about sports, chances are, we want to know about it.

Lastly, and most importantly, we want to thank YOU for reading. If you have come across this piece, chances are you are one of our early contributors, a friend, or a family member. Without your support and work, NONE of what we have done or want to do would be possible.

We hope you continue to come back every day and read our stuff, laugh at our jokes and share our stories with others. 

For those of you new to the team, keep an eye on us over the next year...

...because we’re just getting started.


The Staff at End of the Bench.
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