Chicago Bears Get Easy Victory After Benching Head Coach

Chicago Bears Get Easy Victory After Benching Head Coach

By Zack Hankins 

CHICAGO - The Chicago Bears defeated the Detroit Lions 24-14 on Sunday in an early season matchup of NFC North foes. 

This was a much-needed bounce-back game for the Bears (now 2-2) after they allowed their head coach, Matt Nagy, to lead the play calling in their blowout loss last weekend to the Cleveland Browns.

During his postgame press conference after defeating Detroit (0-4), Nagy said “We recognized the mistakes we made last week in having me take charge and having any input on our strategy.” 

When asked who was in charge of play-calling this weekend, “I can’t exactly say for sure, our staff thought it would be best if I was left completely in the dark just to be safe and ensure our victory.” 

This proved to be a sound strategy, as Chicago took a quick 14-point lead in the first half and did not let up for the rest of the game.
It was later revealed that offensive coordinator Bill Lazor took over play-calling duties following last week’s debacle against the Browns. 

When reached for comment on how he was able to get production out of his offense, Lazor said, “Last week when coach Nagy was still heading the offense, we tried having our rookie quarterback take as many sacks as possible, but that yielded little results." 

“Today, I wanted to try new ideas like running the ball effectively and having our quarterback throw passes to open receivers beyond the line of scrimmage,” he added. “I believe that, combined with coach Nagy being uninvolved, is what led to our win this afternoon.”

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell said after today’s game, “You know, it’s a tough loss, we were really counting on coach Nagy’s hubris and for him to remain in charge of running his team and they caught us off guard."

"It’s difficult to create a game plan around a team that is actually putting together a sound strategy rather than relying on nonsense and trickery," Campbell added.
Nagy, once heralded as an offensive genius, wrapped up his post-game press conference by saying “sometimes a great leader needs to know when to step aside, and I think I did a great job of leading today.”
Next week the Bears head to Las Vegas to take on the Raiders (3-0).

Nagy said he’ll take the same approach in preparing his team, adding that he will not tell any of his players who will be starting until the opening kickoff. 

“If our own players don't know who is starting, neither will our opponent," Nagy said. "It's the perfect strategy."
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