Fake News Friday - 7/23

Fake News Friday - 7/23

We here at End of the Bench take it upon ourselves to not only make you laugh but also to inform. Every Friday, we’ll do a little of both - our headlines, provided with a snippet of the real story, and the link to read for yourself. We like to think of this as a punch list to make you giggle while also getting up to date on all the major news in sports over the last week!

Professional Athlete Making Millions of Dollars Feels Oppressed By Science

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins deleted a tweet Thursday afternoon shortly after posting it that said he would "question" his future in the NFL if it meant not getting the COVID-19 vaccine could potentially hurt his team's chances in 2021.

A-Rod Loses Bet, Forced to Buy Minnesota Timberwolves

The first increment of the $1.5 billion sale of the Minnesota Timberwolves to e-commerce mogul Marc Lore and retired baseball star Alex Rodriguez has been formally approved by the NBA.

Oklahoma, Texas Say It’s Their Turn To Play With SEC Now 

The news this week that Texas and Oklahoma have expressed interest in joining the SEC shook the foundation of the Big 12 conference and caught many high-ranking officials in college athletics off guard.

NHL Ravaged By Large Sea Monster from Seattle

The Seattle Kraken have been unleashed.
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