Fake News Friday - 8/13

Fake News Friday - 8/13

We here at End of the Bench take it upon ourselves to not only make you laugh but also to inform. Every Friday, we’ll do a little of both - our headlines, provided with a snippet of the real story, and the link to read for yourself. We like to think of this as a punch list to make you giggle while also getting up to date on all the major news in sports over the last week!

Star Football Player Finally Loved By Entire City

One of the things Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes longed for after moving from his native Texas to KC was an order from Whataburger, one of his favorite fast-food chains.

Worst Sport To Watch On Television Does Cool Thing

The "Field of Dreams" game was delayed but not denied. The Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees met for the rescheduled event in MLB's first-ever game in Iowa on Thursday.

NFL Player Literally Sick Of Playing for Jets

New York Jets wide receiver Denzel Mims used to enjoy salmon, but not anymore. In the spring, he ate a plate of bad salmon that triggered a bout of food poisoning that caused him to lose 20 pounds.

Skateboarder Turns Down Major Corporate NBA Deal

There are plenty of NBA players who partake in other sports during their offseason/free time. For example, there are a lot of former and current players who partake in golf. Others may enjoy sports such as soccer. For Dennis Schroder, that sport seems to be skateboarding.
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