Fake News Friday 8/6

Fake News Friday 8/6

We here at End of the Bench take it upon ourselves to not only make you laugh but also to inform. Every Friday, we’ll do a little of both - our headlines, provided with a snippet of the real story, and the link to read for yourself. We like to think of this as a punch list to make you giggle while also getting up to date on all the major news in sports over the last week!

Worst NFL Team You Know Makes Smart Decision

The Washington Football Team, which dropped its controversial name a year ago, has banned Native American garb from its stadium.

Urban Meyer Cuts Entire Roster Of Losers

Tim Tebow lined up against Chris Manhertz, and the two players went at it one-on-one in a special teams blocking drill at the Jacksonville Jaguars' practice on Wednesday.

Riley Curry Becomes Richest Toddler at Pre School

That’s a lot of guacamole. 

Heroic: NFL Treating Homosexual Man Like Regular Person

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is continuing to show his support for teammate Carl Nassib, the first openly gay active player in the NFL, and says he has seen no issues for the backup defensive end during training camp.
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