Fake News Friday - 9/3

Fake News Friday - 9/3

We here at End of the Bench take it upon ourselves to not only make you laugh but also to inform. Every Friday, we’ll do a little of both - our headlines, provided with a snippet of the real story, and the link to read for yourself. We like to think of this as a punch list to make you giggle while also getting up to date on all the major news in sports over the last week!

Unvaccinated NFL Players Sacked For A Loss By Consequences

Colts general manager Chris Ballard reiterated Wednesday that he is a firm believer that everybody should get vaccinated for COVID-19.

Ghost of James Naismith Comes Out of Grave To Sign With Nets

Everybody is ring chasing these days.

Americans Doing Their Best To Keep Track Of European Soccer Signings

And you thought the NBA was dramatic.

Philadelphia Man Handling Inevitable Phillies Collapse “Well”

There must be something in the wooder.
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