Manfred Mondays: Poor Promotions

Manfred Mondays: Poor Promotions

In an effort to better connect Generation Z with Major League Baseball, commissioner Rob Manfred has partnered with End of the Bench to publish a weekly column on the state of baseball, his efforts to make the game more youth-friendly, and any other general observations about the world of sports.

Hey, what’s up, guys?

Your boi Rob “The Man Manfred” here back with another edition of #ManfredMondays, only at End of the Bench.

This week, I am talking about the entertainment at our games. Now I know I have tackled everything from improving the technology, the food, and even our All-Star Game, but I know that going to the baseball game has to be more than just the game to you, Generation Z and I appreciate that!

I think it’s a fantastic idea to try and curtail a game that’s over 100 years old to a generation that gets the majority of its information from a mobile phone these days.

That’s why I think it’s important to update the overall experience and entertainment at our ballparks. From batting cages to mascots, promotional activities, and pre/post-game shows, my mission is to make this more #authentic for y’all. 

I jotted a few ideas down, check ‘em out, and above all be blessed and without stress ManFam. One love.

Dugout (TikTok) Dancers

Next MLB season, we’re going to train our team’s dugout dancers (job titles currently vary), often seen shooting t-shirts out of a cannon or blowing loud whistles next to the team’s mascot, are going to be trained weekly to know all of the TikTok dances. This will resonate with you, our younger audience base, and provide something else for ballpark goers to watch instead of the actual game

Board Game Cages

Some of our ballparks featuring batting cages or “guess your speed” type lanes where people will try their best to show off their baseball skills. My proposal would actually remove all of these and replace them with board game cages, with complimentary charcuterie plates and rose for those of age. 

Pre/Postgame concerts and parades

We still stan a good live performance, so we will keep those going - I will just be sure to watch more Tik Tok and see what songs are going most viral. Because that’s where you all get music from anyways right? 

Also, no more pre-game car or horse parades. Moving forward, parade walkers will all be on either Segways or hoverboards. We’ll also provide spots along the warning track to pose for influencer-eque photos AND decrease carbon emissions in the process because we need to keep Mother Earth alive #amirite? 

Mascot Walks

Competition is like whatever anyway, right? Instead of our infamous and widely accepted warning track races, we’re going to do Mascot walks, where everyone actually finishes at the same time and reminisces about the “journey along the way.”

NFT Giveaways

Bobbleheads are old news, trading cards are a dying breed and NFTs are all the rage. From player emojis, autographs, highlight reels, and everything in between, you’ll be able to own your own piece of digital history on our NFT giveaway nights.

As always, let me know what you guys think, and be sure to tune in as I try to make the game more accessible for Generation Z on "Manfred Mondays," only on End of the Bench.
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