Manfred Mondays: The Food Fiasco

Manfred Mondays: The Food Fiasco

In an effort to better connect Generation Z with Major League Baseball, commissioner Rob Manfred has partnered with End of the Bench to publish a weekly column on the state of baseball, his efforts to make the game more youth-friendly, and any other general observations about the world of sports.

Waddup #ManFam?

Manny Manfred himself is back at it for his usual Monday update on End of the Bench. I hope everyone’s weekend was Gucci, we love us some rest and relaxation!

While I was enjoying some games over the weekend and deciding what I would talk about this week, I got a little hangry so I decided to partake in a traditional ballpark staple - the hot dog. 

Now, I realize we stan a good farm-to-table meal or having more organic/non-GMO options in our life, so it got me thinking, how could I make this hot dog, nay, all ballpark food be more enticing to you all - Generation Z. 

Lowkey, that’s what’s keeping you kids from actually attending games these days, isn’t it? The experience?

Now, I’m no Tik Tok chef, but I did jot down a few ideas I had on the plane ride home last night while listening to Lil Nas X’s new banger, no cap the shit absolutely BOPS.

Here’s what I am thinking for next season:

Plant-Based Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs are already made out of god knows what, so making them plant-based really is an absolute no-brainer and something some stadiums are already even offering. We stan those orgs who are #EatingGreen.

Fermented Foods

From kombucha to sourdough bread, I see the #ManFam out here turning to foods that provide potential health benefits. I know going to the ballpark is usually full of beer (omg, actually found out that this is a fermented food) sugar, and grease, but I want to start incorporating things like cider, miso, kimchi, and cultured milk and yogurt vendors in the aisles during the game. Ditch that bratwurst and just eat an entire bowl of sauerkraut next season, courtesy of The Man. 


A quick fix every team will implement on day one will be serving every available menu item over brown rice in a bowl. Hot dogs, chicken fingers, and even soft pretzels will be so much better served over a warm palette of grains (quinoa available regionally) in a RECYCLABLE cardboard bowl. 

We’re going to be adding snack stands near every beer vendor in our stadiums, with a real candy store type of vibe - grab a plastic bag and fill it up with almonds, chickpeas, banana chips, or whatever absolutely bland piece of sustenance we've sporadically decided to start munching on these days. 

Street Food

Last but certainly not least - street food. We’re going to bring more food trucks into the stadiums next year, bringing you local restaurants that will bring a real sense of community back to our ballparks. Never mind the noise or congestive traffic nightmare this will inevitably cause, I want to ensure you’re getting the most authentic experience you can, in whichever city you’re in.

As always, let me know what you guys think, and be sure to download and subscribe to Manfred Mondays, only on End of the Bench.
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