Manfred Mondays: The Schedule Situation

Manfred Mondays: The Schedule Situation

In an effort to better connect Generation Z with Major League Baseball, commissioner Rob Manfred has partnered with End of the Bench to publish a weekly column on the state of baseball, his efforts to make the game more youth-friendly, and any other general observations about the world of sports.

What’s good, #ManFam,

Your boy is back and feeling rested. I appreciate all the DMs and supportive tweets, I was out of office and just like needed to disconnect, cha feel?

The rest and time spent away from screens allowed me to take another step back and think about different ways we can make our beautiful game of baseball more Generation Z friendly. 

From changing the food menus to our in-game entertainment, we’ve come up with a lot of great ideas over the last few months, but I can’t believe we hadn’t addressed one of the biggest elephants in the ballpark - the schedule.

It’s not a secret that we have the longest schedule of games in professional sports. Coordinating 162 games for years has been awesome, but it’s clear that we may need to dial that back a bit, so you all are engaged for the entirety of the season.

Think of it as making a movie and then releasing it into an eight-episode Netflix series.


So take a look at my alternative scheduling ideas below and enjoy the start to your week.

As always, peace and love #ManFam.

Shortened Seasons

You shouldn’t have to spend that much time following or caring about anything, and I see that clearer than ever now. Whether it be cutting the 162-game season in half, or only having one game a year, I am determined to find the appropriate season length for Generation Z.  

Once a Week Games

Much like your mom and dad’s favorite Seinfeld episode (ask them about Jerry Seinfeld, they will love you), I am considering having only one baseball game a week on Tuesday nights on TBS. 

Seasonal Seasons

And what’s with like having baseball only during the warmer months? Let’s mix things up every now and then and have some variety. A Winter Classic for baseball? You guys would LOVE that!

Spin-Off Seasons

This is a minor tweak, but every “season” is now just going to be referred to as a spin-off because it is just the previous season with players going to new teams. I think rebranding it as spin-offs will open us up to more young people looking to watch derivatives of shows that already happened.

Remade seasons

I saved the best for last - remade seasons. Instead of bringing in new minor league players or allowing players to switch teams, we will play a full season that is a recreation of a previous season, bringing back old uniforms and players who are well beyond their playing days. We love to see a good throwback!!!

As always, let me know what y’all think, and be sure to tune in as I try to make the game more accessible for Generation Z on "Manfred Mondays," only on End of the Bench.
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