#ManfredMondays: Improving the All-Star Game

#ManfredMondays: Improving the All-Star Game

In an effort to better connect Generation Z with Major League Baseball, commissioner Rob Manfred has partnered with End of the Bench to publish a weekly column on the state of baseball, his efforts to make the game more youth-friendly, and any other general observations about the world of sports.

Waddup #ManFam?

Checking in post-All Star break, just needed to really disconnect and have some “me” time.

I hope everybody is doing well. Now that we’re back in action after our intro last week, I wanted to let you guys know what I am up to as I continue to make the game more appealing for your generation.

Since it’s fresh in our memories, I thought a great first proji for me to tackle would-be making our All-Star game more fun. 

You probably saw that our ratings didn’t really improve from 2019’s event, the lowest in recorded MLB history, and I take that as vindication that we need to be doing more things to bump those page views. 

We’re simply not having enough people liking and subscribing to our content rn, and that makes me, just like, pretty sad ya know?

Over the break, I came up with a few ideas and examples below of what I am thinking. 

Live Player Streams

Every player next year will be asked to live stream their entire gameplay experience. We will put a mounted camera (back in my day we called these “Go Pros”) to each player, providing a true, 360-degree experience. Some players may get hurt running around with all that extra equipment, but that’s a sacrifice I am willing to make.

TikTok Derby

Instead of a Home Run Derby, next year will feature a Tik Tok Dance Derby between eight selected players voted on by you, the fans. It will be a bracket-style tournament, but more in the format of American Idol (a show before your time), where a panel of judges give contestants a score on their performances from one to ten. I’m thinking Charli D’Amerio, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Mr. Met himself can be the judges. Watching long home runs get boring after sixty seconds anyways.

Increased Emoji Use

I agree that the game in itself is pointless, it’s like, why the F do we even keep score? Next year I am thinking emojis everywhere - scoreboards, jerseys, on the hotdogs, underneath the seats, on the handrails, etc. Screw ninth inning comebacks, walk-offs and Gatorade showers, let's add some REAL emotion to the game again.
Tide Pod Dogs

I know we love a good #TBT, so why not some Tide Pods!? I don’t think I can legally serve you actual Tide Pods (just put them in your pockets before you walk in), but I think I could convince Nathan’s to make us some tri-colored hot dogs. Sure, tt won’t be the same soapy, poison-y, could-fucking-kill-you taste you’re all accustomed to, but I think it’ll be all the noms after your first bite.


Actually no changes here, and not to flex, but our fits this year absolutely #SLAYED.


Really looking forward to seeing what you guys think, definitely feeling some of these additions would make the game of baseball better! Make sure to sound off in the comments! 

Until next week fam, be easy, bless up and #DontUseRosenAndSunscreen


Rob “The Man” Manfred
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