Report: Basketball Needs Some Air In It

Report: Basketball Needs Some Air In It

by Clay Beyersdorfer

YOUR DRIVEWAY - The basketball you just grabbed out of the garage and haven’t touched since last year reportedly “needs some air,” according to your father.

Your dad came upon the revelation after casually watching you take the two-year-old Wilson model basketball out of the garage and miss a shot so terribly that the ball rolls into the neighbor's yard.

“Looks like your jump shot isn’t the only thing looking flat!” quipped your father out the living room window.

Sources on the scene say an air pump could possibly be located in the garage to help you inflate the ball, but not likely anywhere near where you found it in the first place.

“I’ll help you look for it, but that’s going to cost you,” your dad added. “I guess that’s just the cost of...inflation.”
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