Report: Search Underway for Missing Glove

Report: Search Underway for Missing Glove

YOUR GARAGE - Local law enforcement and a civilian task force have begun a search for your baseball glove, sources tell End of the Bench.

Reports surfaced early this morning that your Wilson A2000 tan leather glove has gone missing, after going weeks untouched in your garage all summer. 

“I have no idea where it could be, did you check under your bed?” your mother yelled from the living room.

Sources tell EOTB that the last known location of the glove was “definitely” on top of the garage freezer near the wall tools, but after a thorough inspection including looking under the cars, the mitt is seemingly nowhere to be found.

“Did you check your...glove compartment?” your father quips as he pokes his head into the garage. 

End of the Bench will update this story as the investigation progresses.
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