Write for Us

UPDATED 8/12/2022

We accept both original satire and humor submissions for publication - specifically, we're looking for pieces no longer than 750 words.

Examples of different formats we accept include (but are not limited to) the following:


Fake News

Novak Djokovic Requests Medical Exemption from Playing in Front of Hostile Crowds

Arizona Coyotes to Sneak in Through Arena Loading Docks for Remaining Home Games



10 Things in Sports We’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Suggestions for Modernizing Football



An Open Letter to Chicago Blackhawks Fans from CEO Danny Wirtz

A Letter of Appreciation to Our Fans



Quiz: Are you a Retired NFL player or Military Veteran?



We accept jokes for our weekly animated sports show, "Short Sports." These are one-liners similar in style to SNL's Weekend Update and are based on timely events in the world of sports. Examples of past submissions:

The NFL is reportedly seeking to dismiss a lawsuit filed by former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden, who was let go after an email leak showed him using sexist, racist, and homophobic language, or what Joss Whedon calls “just another day at the office.”

Hulk Hogan is in hot water this week after insinuating the COVID-19 vaccine is responsible for the recent death of Betty White, marking the first time in his career that Hogan has been anti-needle in the arm.


Cartoons & Illustrations

As of 6/9, we can accept ORIGINAL illustrations and cartoons. Email files directly to editor@eotbsports.com as an attachment. Please don't send us a virus or we'll tell coach.


Whether you're a packet-submitting-Second City-grad looking for their next big break or just somebody who stumbled upon this page, if you send us something funny and unique, we'll do our best to make it work.

Our only other stipulation is that it HAS TO BE ABOUT SPORTS.

Also - don't be an asshole. It's okay to poke fun and to use vulgarity to make an over-arching point, but if that needs further explanation, chances are you're on the wrong website.



Thanks to our awesome fan base and little merch shop, we are now fully funded for 2022. Submit for more details.

Note - payment is for long form submissions and illustrations ONLY, we are not currently paying for Short Sports submissions.